Queensland Travel

A Few Great Queensland Travel Ideas

qld travelWhether you’re planning on visiting the land down under for a quick trip, or if you have a loner term stay in mind – you’ll undoubtedly want to get to experience all that the country has to offer. There’s no location quite as rich in culture, filled with breath-taking scenery, nor ideal for holiday makers than Queensland – and with so much to do, anyone planning a trip will be spoilt for choice.

If you have a holiday to Australia on the cards, take a look at these Queensland travel ideas – guaranteed to add a little excitement to any adventure.

A journey to the Great Barrier Reef

If marine life and huge oceanic expanses are your cup of tea, then you won’t go wrong by visiting the Great Barrier Reef. Although its name might suggest a single location in the form of a reef, the truth is that the landmark actually covers roughly 2,300 km of coral, ocean and islands. With thousands of marine species calling the region their home, visitors will get to enjoy the sight of dolphins, certain types of whales and even sharks – not to mention a variety of tropical fish that are only visible when scuba diving.

Whitsunday Island hopping

This chain of islands consists of 74 uniquely cultured locations – each of which is just a short boat journey from the next. You might be keen to explore each one, or maybe you like the sound of visiting a couple of particularly interesting destinations; in any event you can all but guarantee a great time. From the elegant Hamilton Island that focuses on relaxation and tranquillity all the way to Airlie Beach, which has become a favourite amongst holiday makers due to its expansive forestry and breath-taking coastal scenes – there’s just so much to see.

Visiting the Sunshine Coast

If natural views, huge waves for surfing and wide expanses of beach are up your street, then the Sunshine Coast offers all of these and much more. It’s a little more populated that the aforementioned locations – but that makes it even more ideal for those hoping to experience a taste of Australian nightlife, or for those who simply want to enjoy the hustle and bustle of a busy town.

The relaxing Fraser Island

Queensland is well-known for its natural views and untouched vistas, but you might struggle to come across anything quite as natural as Fraser Island. This location boasts one of the largest sand masses of all local islands and it’s so big that it even features huge freshwater lakes and its own indigenous species! The clear blue waters are enough to calm even the busiest of minds and it’s not uncommon to see tour boats coasting along the shoreline, hoping to catch sight of ray and box jellyfish alike.

The Roma Street Parkland

It’s not all about the waves however, and Roma Street Parkland stands testament to that fact. This exciting hotspot for the family features a park and botanical garden, an amphitheatre and a host of other facilities and activities to be enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s easy to get to (being situated neatly in Queensland’s capital, Brisbane) and is open throughout the year, too.

The Warner Bros. Movie World

Most people will have heard of Warner Bros – after all they are one of the most famous production companies in the world. This film-orientated theme park is an ideal destination for families and couples hoping to experience fun and excitement, with an Aussie twist. With a multitude of attractions and rides to choose from, not to mention the infamous Arkham Asylum roller coaster – anyone visiting is guaranteed to have a great day.

Love and romance at Whitehaven Beach

This idyllic location is every inch the passionate destination that it was intended to be. Although a great destination for families; where it really shines is in its couple activities and romantic endeavours. From the sandy beach that runs the length of the region to the snorkelling, camping and sailing facilities offered by local services, the adventure is easy – it’s the decision that is the hard part. Over the past few years, Whitehaven has become one of the most popular honeymoon spots and there’s no denying the passion felt by all who visit.

These are just a few great travel ideas for those hoping to visit Queensland. With hundreds of activities to take part in and enjoy, no two trips ever need be the same. Even the locals have yet to enjoy certain adventures, but that’s the great thing about the region; it’s always open to holiday makers!